I’m posting here the case of Delovio vs Boit for all to see and read and download. The relevant part is on page 3 and is highlighted in red.

This is a very important SCOTUS opinion. Justice Story, 1817. This is the case made clear to all the right of private law and why the Federal Reserve cannot, in absence of clear evidence of wrong doing such as fraud, be audited and why the Income Tax is legal. And it is. It just can’t be applied to private wages. Why? Because the remedy of enforcement of wages is found in the common law. There is no more need to resort the commercial law to regulate the enforcement of wages between an employer and his employee than than to regulate the exchange of can of beans for cash between and store owner and his customer.

Pulling the wool over the eyes of the working people by misinterpreting this case was one of the great Coups pulled off by that banks and allowed them to rob us of the value of our wages in complete violation of the U.S. Constitution where no direct taxes can be laid against the people.